Peppermint Kape Buko Luffa Soap

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Made in collaboration with Lola Severina, this handcrafted Peppermint Kape Buko (Coffee Coconut) soap helps energize and exfoliate your skin. Made with coffee grounds, peppermint and cinnamon leaf essential oils, this invigorating blend is perfect to use for a morning shower. It is also great for removing unwanted smells (think garlic and onions) from your hands, so it comes handy right next to the kitchen sink. .

Coffee is a perfect natural exfoliant to scrub dead skin cells away. Nutrients in coffee also helps promote healthy skin and may reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Each bar contains a natural hand cut luffa sponge sourced from The Luffa Farm in Southern California. After the soap is gone, the sponge can be used for continued exfoliation or tossed in your compost bin! This zero waste product is packaged in sustainable wood cellulose bioplastic, which are certified industrial and home compostable, and with labels printed on natural sugarcane paper.
• 3” round soap with natural luffa sponge
• Handcrafted by Lola Severina, a Filipino-owned small business in Denver, Colorado
Ground coffee sourced from the Philippines, cinnamon leaf essential oil, peppermint essential oil, coconut oil, coconut soap base