Meet Rumples Miranda of kubo

Meet Rumples Miranda of kubo

Rumples was born and raised in Manila, then moved to NYC to pursue studies in fashion merchandising. She delved into the world of fashion retail and wholesale, but ultimately, fate led her to create kubo.


As someone with a fashion background, how has that influenced your style at home?

I have always felt very connected to art and design. I was the kid who was always making a "creative mess." I studied interior design before shifting to fashion design and merchandising in college, and I think all of that combined honed my design skills. 

How has your approach and aesthetic in your home changed through the years?

My style is not defined by trends like it used to be. Big life changes definitely made an impact on my approach and aesthetic at home – moving to New York, getting married, having kids. Right now, factors like  sustainability and knowing how something is made affect my approach. It's important to be conscious about these things now, more than ever. 

What are things we'll always find in your house?

I have bins and baskets for everything! I love the Cuenca Round Tray from kubo. I use it to hold our stash of hand sanitizers, bug spray, and sunscreen. There's also always artwork or something my kids made displayed somewhere. 

What first attracts you to a piece, and what affects your decision in buying something?

Nice design and branding are the first things to catch my eye. I gravitate toward pieces with a story, found objects from travel, trinkets from stoop sales. When choosing pieces, I think of where it will go and how it will fit the space. My condition is everything brought into the home should have a home. Basically, everything has to have its place, otherwise, do we really need it?

With two small kids at home, do you have any house rules (that go for adults, too!)? 

No outside shoes inside the apartment. The kids have a bin and my husband and I have a shelf to put our shoes. We do a lot of walking and no one wants any of that outside dirt on our shoes in our apartment! 

Do you have any upcoming house projects on the horizon?

We moved into this apartment last March, so this is the first time we're celebrating the holidays here. I'm a sucker for the holiday season and in true Filipino fashion, I love bringing the festive vibes early. (Filipinos start decorating for the holidays in September!) I'm already thinking where our Christmas tree will go.

What was the last memorable thing you bought for the house?

I recently had some family photos printed and framed for our dining room wall. Black and white family photos framed in black wood. I love how they turned out!

Describe your home in 3-5 words. 

Warm, inviting, comfortable. 


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