[ku-bo] noun: a traditional Filipino hut; home 

kubo features handcrafted objects for the home that combines traditional techniques with modern aesthetics. We hope to inspire new and lasting memories in your own home.

We are Rumples and Katrina, sisters born and raised in Manila. We moved to New York City to pursue our careers, starting our own families at the same time. 
Having laid down new roots, we always talked about staying connected to our Filipino heritage. So in 2016, kubo was born.

kubo is our love letter to traditional methods of Filipino craftsmanship, and the communities that make them. We hope to offer you products that evoke a sense of welcome and make your home a cherished part of who you are. We realise that home has an even deeper meaning to everyone now, and that the memories we create with our loved ones have become so much more precious to us. Allow us to enrich every moment and every experience that you share together.



    Made by hand

    Traditional ways of making anchor our products — a sense of time, place and the maker’s own eye, are transmitted through every item, into one’s own home. This path has led us to work with family run businesses who have been in the industry for more than 20 years, developing crafts from materials that are abundant in their own provinces, such as rattan weaving in Bicol, and basketry in Quezon.

    Made by Filipinos

    We partner with artisan communities and indigenous groups in the Philippines, as well as Filipino makers, creating in continuity around the world. Providing a platform to showcase their work, nurturing Filipino talent is at the heart of what we do.

    Made with purpose

    Environmental, ethical, economic and philanthropic values anchor our supply chains, like prompts to live more consciously throughout the home. We wanted to really put the spotlight on the maker communities, and our rich culture, history and art. Our goal was and still is, to keep the weavers weaving, and the makers making.


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